Olive oil is the liquid gold of Mediterranean cuisine. It is, indeed, a perfect product, both delicious and healthy, and here in Portugal it's the main pillar of every single kitchen.

Around Serra da Estrela, you find many olive groves, since this is one of the main cultures in the region. Our olive trees are quite unique, with medium size and roots that can reach 19Ft long, and they have their own name, too: Oliveira da Serra (mountain olive tree).

This a tough tree, fit to handle the peculiar geology of Serra da Estrela, and with the care and wisdom of our local farmers these valleys come to produce some of the finest olive oils you will ever taste.


You have never tasted a salad properly if you never have seasoned it with olive oil and vinegar. It's a magic duo, trust us, but vinegar can also be used in many other recipes, to add that strong kick that some foods ask for.

Balsamic and aromatized vinegar are already in the must-have list of every chef in the world - and we've grown costume to them, too, in our home kitchens, for the ability to use them to add taste, color and style to any dish, plain as it may be.