Natura, the true essence of fruit

Naturally sweet jams

Since we’ve grown surround by Nature, we early experienced the authentic flavor of handpicked fruit. Having the best raw material possible, we always tried to keep ourselves truth to the traditional jam recipes of our grandmas. Jams without artificial ingredients, made only with the best fruit, a little sugar and a lot of love.

Today, we try to preserve the same respect for the fruit in our jams, respecting its true essence, but choosing a healthier and natural version.

And from that tough is born our Natura line, sugar free fruit jams, without artificial colors or preservatives, just the most delicious fruits.

The secret behind its sweetness

After you taste it, the first reaction will be: “how it is possible that this Natura are so yummy and sweet?

Well, it is possible to create a fruit jams without adding refined sugar, but with the same tasty flavor of a normal jam. The secret it’s in the use of concentrated fruit juice, or in other words, a completely natural sweetener provided from fruit, perfect to highlight all the flavor in our jam.

The love, dedication and kind production in our jams? That, my friends, it’s no secret.

The real guilt free pleasure

From years we’ve heard the precept “we are what we eat” and that teaching couldn’t be more real.

Our values and vision have in common the hope for a better world, where everyone can have the most natural and pure options.

Our Natura, like in our other lines, don’t contain any nasty ingredients. We only use what you can usually find in your own kitchen.

Behind being super natural, our Natura are a healthier option for those who want to reduce the consume of refined sugars and therefore, have a healthy and happy body.