Serra da Estrela Charcuterie
Matérias Primas na Charcutaria Farinheira

The products derived from the meat processing, present a great diversity of flavours, textures and forms, as a result from the diversity of raw materials, ingredients and the manufacturing processes used.

The excellence of the raw material from the charcuterie of quinta de jugais is intrinsically linked with the selection of meats and fats that suits the best to each type of charcuterie.We comply with the rigorous quality process, removing the parts of the meat that are not suitable for use in the charcuterie production because it would affect the quality of the final product.

Matérias Primas Charcutaria Equipa
Matérias Primas Charcutaria Enchidos

The muscle/fat ratio is extremely important, given that the amount of fat affects the quality of cured products, giving them that characteristical flavour.

Our meat selection criterion for the production of charcuterie allows us to obtain a balanced composition between the muscle and lipid fractions, in order to obey the portuguese law.

Matérias Primas Tradicional a Lenha