Serra da Estrela
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The largest mountain range in Portugal's mainland is also the one featuring the highest point of the territory. If Portugal was a person, Serra da Estrela would be its heart, an image that suits perfectly the way we cherish this part of our country.

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We're talking about 390 square miles of Natural Park, from the glacial valleys to the river springs, from the granite domes to the exquisite scenic roads, from the lakes to the snow tracks, from the tall chestnut trees, oaks and pines to the delicate bellflower, heather, rosemary and Saxifraga.

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Nature rules here; but the community works with it, growing and caring and protecting the land, and the result is a uniqueness of unspoilt flavors that are tenderly appreciated throughout the country and abroad.

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We have a mission and we are fierce in its defense: to produce and sell Serra da Estrela flavors, choosing only the most honest of the ingredients.

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